Toyota Gives Tesla a Thumbs Up: What This Means for the Future of Electric Vehicles

Toyota has recently been left behind in the electric vehicle (EV) market, selling only 24,466 EVs worldwide in 2022 compared to 2.6 million hybrids, while Tesla alone sold 1.3 million EVs. However, according to recent reports, Toyota is now revamping its EV plan to catch up and has called Tesla’s Model Y “a work of art”.

Due to criticism of its first three electric vehicles, Toyota decided to replace CEO Akio Toyoda with Koji Sato, a veteran executive of Lexus. Toyota will introduce a real battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform by 2026 under Sato’s direction to replace the lackluster e-TNGA platform.

Toyota researchers recently examined Tesla‘s Model Y to catch up, and they found its straightforward yet effective design and superior production prowess to be remarkable. They disassembled the automobile piece by piece and were shocked to discover how the structural and non-structural battery components below differed while seeming identical from the outside.

Toyota has completely revised its EV strategy as a result of this research. The company’s representatives said, “that “It was a true work of art to remove the skin of the Model Y. It’s incredible.” In the auto business, manufacturers frequently disassemble and compare their products to the best vehicles available. Ford and other automakers are likely to have followed Mercedes’ lead and purchased Teslas before dismantling them.

Toyota’s acknowledgment of the Model Y’s superiority could signal a turning point for the company’s EV strategy. This acknowledgement of Tesla’s achievement may be the start of the company moving towards a more competitive future.


Toyota’s recent analysis of Tesla’s Model Y has made the company acknowledge the car’s superiority and prompted them to rethink their EV strategy. We could soon witness a more competitive Toyota as a result of this certification, which might represent a turning point for the company in the EV industry.

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