Tesla’s new line-up model will be cheaper than the previous ones.

Elon Musk, Tesla founder and CEO has spoken about the company’s latest “next-generation vehicle ” in the Q3 earning calls and Q&A session. He stated that this “next-generation vehicle” may someday be sold in greater quantities than all other Tesla models combined. Because of Its low price tag and small dimension, the “next-generation vehicle” is sure to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Musk doesn’t reveal the release date they just announce that this “new generation vehicle” is their priority as they have to do the engineering for the Tesla cybertruck and Tesla semi. But as we know neither of those items has been made available soon. That’s why we think they will take so much period for this vehicle also. .

Price Of The New Tesla Model

Musk announces it will decrease production costs. These lower production costs will also translate into cheaper prices for consumers, making the Tesla Model S more affordable for the average person. A starting price of around $30,000 would put this hypothetical new Tesla in competition with the most affordable new EVs available right now. The cheapest ev currently starts at just under $28,000.


These new product objectives are high and extensive. The goals of these new products are lofty and far-reaching: according to Musk, the new model will “surpass the output of all of our products” by improving production and reducing production costs by around 50% in comparison to the Model 3 and Y.