Tesla Cybertruck

The all-new light duty 2023 tesla cybertruck is one of the most futuristic-looking trucks. It was first unveiled a long time ago but its production was delayed due to the pandemic and the chip shortage. But now some news coming about the cybertruck and confirming its launch in the year 2023. Three variants have been released with a different number of electric motors.

Performance And Power

Tesla cybertruck has three motors in which the single motor truck has rear-wheel drive and the two and three-motor variants have all-wheel drive. Tesla claims that the new tesla cybertruck has a ridiculous towing capacity of 14000 pounds and a payload capacity of up to 3500. The cybertruck has 800 horsepower according to the makers. After the launch of the new truck, it has to compete with its competitors like Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado, and Ford super duty.

MotorAcceleratesTimeTop speed
Single Motor0-60mph6.5s110mph
Dual Motor0-60mph4.5s120mph
Triple Motor0-60mph2.9s130mph

Interior And Exterior

Interior of Tesla Cybertruck.

Cybertruck is designed by Franz von Holzhausen . The external shell of the truck is designed for maximum durability and passenger safety with 30x cold-rolled stainless sheet metal. Tesla cybertruck has an inclined wall with a 6.5 feet typical-sized bed. It has leather seats that are angular and very comfortable with a space of for six adults. Cybertruck comes with a wheelbase of roughly 150inches.

Cybertruck’s cargo space will be very amazing. The dashboard has a 17-inch touchscreen with a yoke steering wheel. Cybertruck will be 75 inches high, 79.5inches wide, and 232inches long. The cybertruck’s colors aren’t yet known but we all know the company always prefers straight plane colors like black and white.

Tesla Cybertruck Battery and Charge

According to the Tesla on a complete charge, its single-motor cybertruck can go 250miles while it’s dual motor can go 300miles and the tri-motor cybertruck can go 500miles. Its battery pack varies between 200-250 kWh. Each Tesla Cybertruck uses four to five battery modules. Its replacement will cost $20,000 to $35000. According to our team, Cybertruck will take 10 hours to charge itself which will cost you around 14$. cybertruck’s battery can charge a camper or a tiny house. According to some estimates, the Tesla supercharger can charge the vehicle in 90mins so it’s better to use it. The lifespan of the cybertruck battery will be 350k to 450k miles.

Price And Order

As we all know cybertruck has 3 models so its price varies. The base variant will cost $39,000 USD, the dual motor variant will cost $49,000 USD and the most expensive tri motor will cost $69,000 USD. These tesla cybertruck prices aren’t confirmed. We will mention the price here after the cybertruck is launched in the nation.

Although 1.3million cybertruck are reserved you can also preorder from the official Tesla website. It will charge only 100$ which is fully refundable.

Release date and latest new

Tesla cybertruck was scheduled to go into production by tesla in late 2021. But because of some issues Musk declared that no Tesla vehicles would be introduced in 2022. According to officials the Tesla Cybertruck deliveries will start in 2023.

Musk's Tweet
Read It…

Musk didn’t elaborate on what “briefly” actually meant. After he seemed to suggest that it might serve as an amphibious truck, a lot of people spoke up. Let’s wait with us for the futuristic Alien cybertruck and the fastest EV Tesla Roadster.

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