Spy Shots: Michigan Manufacturer Testing New Trucks on US-24

Recently, motorists on US-24 near Hartsel and Woodland Park, Colorado were treated to a rare sight when they observed a caravan of three medium-sized trucks with light camouflage and accompanying support vehicles. All of the cars had Michigan manufacturer plates, which attracted their interest since it suggested that the carmaker was doing covert testing nearby.

A Ram mid- or full-size truck with a flatbed truck for storage and Michigan manufacturer plates was driving the convoy. The three-bar grille, which seemed to be a component of the camouflage, concealed the vehicles’ real nature, nevertheless.

One of the most interesting discoveries was that at least one of the three test vehicles was right-hand drive (RHD). This means that the car manufacturer may be testing the trucks in a country like the UK, Australia, or Japan, where RHD cars are necessary.

An additional interesting finding was that one of the test trucks appeared to brake less than the other vehicles. This vehicle particularly slowed down noticeably when approaching low-speed zones and navigating corners without activating its brake lights. In contrast, the test/chase car in front of the truck and other pursuing vehicles did not turn on their brake lights. The witnesses observed this abnormality, but it may be a wiring problem.

It is likely that the Michigan carmaker is testing an electric or hybrid powertrain for these trucks, even though the drivers were unable to hear any downshifting or hybrid/regenerative sounds. This would be consistent with the industry’s tendency to adopt greener and more sustainable technology.

The secrecy surrounding this testing raises many concerns, including what the manufacturer is specifically evaluating, what market they are targeting, and what new features or technology they are introducing. We can only speculate for now, but one thing is certain: this Michigan carmaker will soon be releasing some interesting new products.


There has been some speculation our experts believe that these trucks could potentially be the next-generation Mitsubishi L200, and the upcoming 2024 Ram Dakota. However, it’s important to note that the manufacturers of these trucks have not confirmed these rumors, so we will have to wait for official announcements.

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