2024 Kia Niro: What We Know so Far

The completely redesigned Niro, which Kia just unveiled for the 2023 model year, has drawn a lot of interest from Kia buyers all around the world. Given the recent nature of the second-generation Niro, it is anticipated that the 2024 Kia Niro won’t undergo any significant updates.

The current Niro‘s interior resembles some of Kia’s previous cars in a family-like way. Until it rises to include the instrument cluster, the tier-decorated dashboard is largely flat. To make it simpler for the driver to access, the touchscreen is mounted on top of the dashboard but is situated closer to the front. The only precise control for the infotainment screen is a single audio dial. The SUV’s air vents are covered by a honeycomb trim piece, and the center console’s bottom houses the system’s huge controls. Although Kia hasn’t yet made all of the features of the current Niro available, we don’t anticipate any modifications for the forthcoming 2024 model year.

2024 Kia Niro Interior
Source: KIA

The 2024 Niro will share the same basic yet classy external styling as the present SUV. Slim headlights, a rectangular grille, rounded corners, and a clean front air intake on the underside of the bumper are all present on the front end. The Niro’s rear end has a quadratic rear bumper that sticks from the back and circular taillights that are interconnected by a horizontal bar. The headlights and taillights are connected by a strong body line, and the rear roof has a more pronounced slope than in prior models. This feature of the design contributes to the Niro’s athletic yet elegant look.

Three different engines are now offered for the Kia Niro, and we anticipate that this will continue until 2024. The standard Niro has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine and an electric motor that together produce 139 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque. The Niro Hybrid has an improved powertrain that produces 180 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. A 6-speed transmission is included with both powertrains. Every Niro comes equipped with front-wheel drive.

The Kia’s advanced driving assistance system, which comes standard on every Niro in 2023, is one of the Kia Niro’s most striking features. The same safety features as the present model are anticipated for the 2024 Kia Niro. Automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistance, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assistance, traffic sign recognition, and blind spot monitoring are all included as standard safety features.

As far as technology is concerned, the standard 2024 Niro model has a 10.3-inch digital instrument display and an 8-inch touchscreen. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and many USB connections are included as standard features. A 12.3-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Google built-in, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a 6-inch head-up display, and a wireless charging pad are all included with higher models. The Niro is one of the most technologically advanced cars in its class after the realignment in 2022.

2024 Kia Niro Exterior
Source: KIA

Kia Niro is more efficient than its rivals like Hyundai KONA, and Mazda CX-30, in terms of fuel consumption. The Niro Plug-In Hybrid earns an EPA-estimated 105 MPGe combined, while the standard Niro gets an EPA-estimated 50 mpg combined. The Niro EV has a 253-mile range on a single charge, according to the EPA.