2024 Acura ILX – Everything You Need To Know

Acura announced that they will stop selling the ILX after the 2022 model year, so there will not be a 2024 Acura ILX available in the United States. But Acura is launching the new 2023 Acura Integra to take the position of the ILX. So Acura fans and entry-level luxury car buyers have something new to look forward to.

History Of Acura ILX

The Acura ILX was first introduced by Acura, in 2013. It was based on the Honda Civic platform and was available with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, or a hybrid powertrain. Its interior Contains leather seats, a premium audio system, and a navigation system.

The ILX received a redesign for in 2016 model year for the first time. It included a revised exterior design and a new set of standard features. In this redesign, Acura discontinued the 2.4-liter engine option and made the 2.0-liter engine the standard powertrain for the ILX.

The next redesign, made in the 2019 model year, Acura gave the ILX a more significant facelift, with a redesigned front grille and new exterior styling. The interior also received several upgrades, including a new infotainment system and improved materials. The 2019 ILX also featured the Acura Watch suite of advanced safety features as standard equipment.

How To Order 2024 Acura ILX ?

As you Informed above Acura just stopped producing the ILX. So if you made up your mind to order an ILX you can go with the 2022 or previous models. Follow these steps:

  • Research for the best trim that suits your need
  • Find a local Acura dealership near your place
  • Contact the Dealer
  • Build the car of your choice
  • Schedule a test drive before placing an order from the dealership
  • After completing the above process Place the order with the dealership

What Should You Buy Instead Of The 2024 Acura ILX?

There are several excellent alternatives available if you’re thinking about purchasing an Acura ILX but want to research other possibilities. For instance, Acura provides a variety of sedans that are reasonably priced, dependable, and loaded with options. The Acura Integra, which has a starting price of about $32,000 and a variety of engine choices, and a fantastic substitute for the ILX.

2024 Acura Integra
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